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Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

Implementation services, implementation , compliance and design

A Team Computer Emergency Response Team ( CSIRT, English Computer Emergency Response Team) is a center of response to security incidents in information technology. This is a group of experts responsible for the development of preventive and reactive to security incidents in information systems measures. A CSIRT studies the overall security status of networks and computers and provides incident response services to victims of attacks on the network, publish alerts concerning vulnerabilities and threats and provides information to help improve the security of these systems.

CSIRT Function

. Helping the target audience (constituency) to mitigate and prevent serious security incidents.
. Help protect valuable information.
. Coordinate centralized security information.
. Save evidence , for if he had to resort to lawsuits.
. Support and assist users to recover from the consequences of security incidents.
. Direct centrally response to security incidents - Promote trust, someone controls the situation.


Each CERT is different and depending on their resources and target sets priorities and decides to provide a different service . Some examples of services that a CERT / CSIRT can offer are:

Preventive Services

. Safety Notices.
. Search for vulnerabilities.
. Security audits and assessments.
. Configuration and maintenance of security tools, applications and infrastructure.
. Development of security tools.
. Propagation of information related to security.

Reactive Services

. Security Incident Management (analysis, response support and coordination of security incidents).
. Vulnerability management (analysis, response and coordination of detected vulnerabilities).


Creation, design, implementation and proper integration and between different monitoring centers is a specialty that as professionals we have very successfully headlong, we have the experience and success stories behind us.

Our goal is to provide the solution or the complement of solutions that allow your organization to implement a monitoring center suitable to their specific needs.

Para ello contamos con:

. Development of monitoring solutions to measure.
. Implementation services georeferencing incidents.
. Training and certification operation and management of the monitoring centers.
. System log of incidents and exchange controls.
. Messaging system between applications and consultation between multiple data sources.
. System Integration monitoring services (proprietary and open source).
. Development boards tropicalizados control.
. Partnerships with companies, associations and manufacturers leaders of the global market.

We invite you to contact our sales department mail or using our form contact online and so allow us to support you to develop a solution tailored to their needs in information technology and communications.