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vulnerability assesment

Postech IT Solution Provider S.A de C.V.

This service generates reports that provide insight into the level of vulnerability of a company network against possible attacks that affect their operation. The diagnosis is made by relating the threats and cyber attacks that are generated in the world with the type of network infrastructure and computer equipment company.

Recent reports indicate there is a marked tendency for computer attacks are carried out by an economic motivation. Companies have taken steps, installing firewalls, VPNs, and other components. While these are fundamental elements, very few organizations develop far more fundamental security vulnerability management.



. External and internal evaluations.
. Automatic scheduled scans.
. Automatic recurring scans.
. Automatic detection of the target.
. Mutiples port scanning methods.
. Scanning Authentication.
. Additional testing of CGI and XSS.
. Test more than 20,000 vulnerabilities.
. Database updated every 12 hours.
. DoS configurable tests.
. Fingerprinting of operating systems.
. Fingerprinting services and applications.
. Support for wireless networks.
. Automatic scanning of file sharing.
. Ability to adjust the scanning parameters.
. Creating custom you report.
. Support for DHCP networks.
. Integration with CVE, Bugtraq and OSVDB.
. On-demand scanning.
. Configurable load on the network.
. Test application level and local host.
. Scanning distributed servers.
. No need to purchase hardware or software licenses.

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