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Implementation services, implementation, compliance and design

Managing information security in an organization is not a task that simply generate policies, change settings on the firewall and analyze that antivirus signatures are up to date. Given the increasingly specialized attacks (APT - Advance Persistent Threat) that threaten the security of information is necessary to establish more robust infrastructure, more secure communications architectures and procedures that are not only quality but also safe.

This leads organizations to a state where it is necessary to constantly invest in IT and security, but much remains in only investment, however , issues such as handling, correct configuration, monitoring, tracking and analysis of the success of controls and technologies implemented through such investments it is not performed correctly or not performed. This is where the concept of SOC , Security Operations Center appears.

To understand the best way the idea of ​​a SOC is necessary to understand that this is not just a service or process monitoring all is well or antivirus are up to date, goes further and as suggested by several authors, the central idea a SOC is to manage risk that could affect the security of information and therefore computer security. To make this possible it is necessary to define guidelines that govern the SOC, as structured, that hierarchies must be handled and of course, the scope of activities to be performed.


It is vital that if you want to monitor, supervise or regulate the use of resources, information or access exists one or more policies that stipulate that executive requirement in order to justify the implementation or service contracts to be responsible for enforcing policies.

An example of this may be the policy that develops in the organization to avoid information leakage and therefore the implementation of a system of Data Loss Prevention. So well, with the existence of policies, is already exposed the need to establish controls and monitor compliance, it is where the SOC appears as Security Operations Center where these tasks are carried out.

Our goal is to provide the solution or the complement of solutions that allow your organization to implement a monitoring center suitable to their specific needs. For this we have :

Development of monitoring solutions to measure.
Implementation services georeferencing incidents.
Training and certification operation and management of the monitoring centers.
Registration system incidents and exchange controls.
Messaging system between applications and consultation between multiple data sources.
Monitoring systems integration services (proprietary and open source).
Development boards tropicalizados control.
Partnerships with companies, associations and manufacturers leaders of the global market.

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