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The Control Center Network is responsible for monitoring networks based on alarms or conditions that require special attention to avoid impact on network performance and service to end customers . For example, in a telecommunications environment , the NOC is responsible for monitoring the power failure , alarms in transport networks and other issues that affect network performance . The NOC will analyze the problem , run troubleshooting, dispatch field personnel and carried out follow-up to resolution. If necessary, the NOC also scaled to appropriate personnel so as to be resolved at the right time. In some cases it is almost impossible to anticipate severe conditions such as power outages or cuts laying optical fiber, but the NOC has procedures to involve specialized personnel to solve the problem immediately.


NOC Operation

. Incident Management
. Problem Management
. Request Fulfillment
. Event Management
. Access Management

As described above, a control center network has the function of monitoring networks based on alarms or conditions that require special attention to avoid impact on performance or functionality of the component or components of the infrastructure, these levels arousal can be displayed in different types of dashboards (boards) depending on the use to the organization and the maturity level of the same in the implementation of industry standards , either at the level of iT organization or service management . These levels can be categorized as :


Level 1 - ITIL V 2.1
. Best Practices for Service Provision
. Best Practices for Service Support
. Management TI infrastructure
. Security Management
. Business Outlook
. Application Management
. Software asset management
. Planning to implement Service Management
. ITIL Implementing to small scale


Level 2 - BSM (Business Service Management) ITIL V 3

. Service Strategy
. Service Design
. Service Transition
. Service Operation
. Continual Service Improvement


Level 3 - BCM (Business Continuity Management)

. Design services integrated and consistent through the SDP ( service design package )
. Empresarial Revisión review of the architecture of the enterprise architecture
. System Review gestiónRevisión management system
. Review of metrics and measurement methods
. Process Review
. Update Service Portfolio
. Updating records changes

Our goal is to provide the solution or the complement of solutions that allow your organization to implement a monitoring center suitable to their specific needs .

For this we have :

. Development of monitoring solutions to measure.
. Implementation services georeferencing incidents.
. Training and certification operation and management of the monitoring centers.
. Registration system incidents and exchange controls.
. Messaging system between applications and consultation between multiple data sources.
. Monitoring systems integration services (proprietary and open source) .
. Development boards tropicalizados control.
. Partnerships with companies, associations and manufacturers leaders of the global market.

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