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Postech IT Solution Provider S.A de C.V.

Our SSL appliances make it easier to see and detect security risks that occur by this protocol.

Now you can have visibility of all encrypted SSL traffic on your network, and thus inspect, identify potentially malicious activity and serve ecosystems information security delivering the same clear for processing, analysis, documentation and receipt.

This is an important capability in existing data networks. Web traffic and SSL can add more than half the traffic on corporate networks, generated further the adoption of cloud-based or the same use of common websites like Google and Facebook that have adopted this protocol systems for their consultations common.

As the SSL protocol encryption most widely used for websites and public applications, your risk is exponential given the threats, viruses, and malware exploit the protocol is encrypted for use as ideal way to hide malicious traffic or used as a means of transportation information leakage.

To implement effective protection measures and protect endpoints and your information is important to have visibility into encrypted traffic.

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