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Postech IT Solution Provider S.A de C.V.

Our solutions are focused on a single goal. Make more efficient and productive your business and thus increase their profitability and ability in decision-making, without having to make large investments. Proof of this is that we are a company that supports 100% the use of open source applications with proven efficiency, security and stability.

Each company presents problems or needs influenced by the environment in which it operates. POSTECH provides solutions focused on the specific needs after analysis of each situation, implementing enhancements that improve the overall performance of the client.

We are continually seeking new technologies and provide our customers proposals innnovadoras in Architecture Information Services, as well as in the different solutions we develop in-house, in order to create an efficient and safe environment for your organization.

We invite you to contact our sales department mail or using our form contact online and so allow us to support you to develop a solution tailored to their needs in information technology and communications.