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Hosting Plans


  • 10 GB of space
  • 10 email accounts
  • Registering domain by 1 year
  • Webworks Light sistem


Most Popular
  • 15 GB of space
  • 25 email accounts
  • .com Domain registration by 1 year
  • MySql databases
  • Webworks Light sistem


  • 30 GB of space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • .com Domain registration by 1 year
  • MySql databases
  • Webworks Light sistem


  • 60 GB of space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • .com Domain registration by 1 year
  • MySql databases
  • Webworks Light sistem

Data Center

We have our own Data Center World Class located in the state of Ohio in the United States. Having the data center in this country brings many advantages, among which are:

. Have a reliable, safe and speedy service.
. Having a Certified Cisco network and the best team.
. Lower operating costs allow us to offer better prices.
. Faster connection speeds and bandwidth for a total of 135 Mbps.
. Quintuple redundancy in our links that gives us more time online High Availability 99.9% year online, higher than can be achieved in Mexico by the poor quality of dedicated links offered.
. Access to better technologies immediately allowing us continuous improvement.


Our network is free transit, this means that all Internet routes are views.The core or core team is located in neutral facilities in which several major connectivity providers (Carriers) have access to the facilities. The entire network is connected to two Cisco 7513 routers with BGP to provide the routeo and redundancy, hence it is passed to a series of Layer 3 switches where network segments are made.

We are connected to different providers dedicated as Cogent Co., ICG, Time Warner Telecom, XO Communications and Ameritech link. In this way we reduce our costs of data transmission, we can expand our network effectively, we give you a better price and service and avoid annoying network disconnections by not relying on a single supplier.

Computer Security

We use only Cisco network equipment, our staff is certified by Networking The Cisco Networking Academy. In the network we have an intrusion detection system (IDS), Firewall and security measures that allow us to block the constant attacks from hackers and troublemakers. In addition frequently update all operating systems and servers perform safety checks to ensure that unwanted people stay away from your site.

Physical Security

The physical access to the servers in a data center should be well guarded and restricted. To protect our team and your site have security cameras covering every square meter of our facilities. These cameras are connected to a central monitoring 24 hours, and has a direct connection to the local police arriving in less than 3 minutes in case of an incident.

The authentication fingerprint is required to open any door in the data center, this allows us to control access to server rooms and know which areas have been visited. To make it even safer facilities, both the monitoring center network as the server rooms are in the basement and have no windows or access through ventilaciones.Además we have all suppression systems and fire detection according to regulations state.

Staff on site 24 hours

We have highly trained physically working in the Data Center 24 hours 365 days a year. Managers and Technical Staff make the Data Center are experts in networking, security, server management, hardware maintenance and emergency response.
In combination with our Department. Technical Support use their capabilities to ensure the stability and permanence in line all systems.

Backup and Power Plant Electric Power

For power failures child have a Uninterruptible Power System APC bearing all equipment and are activated automatically in milliseconds.
When the power failure extends have a diesel electric current Holt brand that is capable of generating 850 kilowatts generator, more than enough to keep all equipment and network infrastructure for more than 72 hours amount. In case of a fault current extensive (over 72 hours), we have the ability to refuel in less than 30 minutes. The generator performs an automatic check-up twice a week and revises Engineer physically once a month to ensure it is in good condition.
All power is connected to a power line conditioner system, which regulates the current and continuous commands without spikes or voltage variations, this measure protects computers and prolongs life.

On the roof of the building installed an air conditioning system APC 15 tons that provides cooling to the facility.
Liebert also have another set of 10 tons in the basement, it regulates the atmosphere, ie, controls the level of humidity, filters airborne particles and kept at the same temperature the server rooms.
Currently stayed over 100 servers, however our installed capacity is more than 250 servers and the ability to expand to more than 2000 servers without building more facilities.
Our network is used by 30% and good service policy we always have at least 25% of our free bandwidth. Building features Data Center are:

. 4000 m2 building where we occupy over 1,800 m2 for servers, offices and monitoring center.
. Built with solid concrete and fortified against bad weather.
. Separate offices, network equipment, facilities and servers.
. Raised floor to improve the control environment.
. Access to restricted facilities.
. Sensors quakes.
. Alarm System SecurityLin.

FAQ to hire hosting services online

What operating system is installed on your servers?
The operating system installed on our servers is Linux, we prefer and recommend the use of it, for the many advantages for web services, these range from security, to execution of the vast majority of the tools in use, such as PHP and mysql. However, if the needs of your organization require a Windows server, you can put your disposición.Contacte our sales department to meet their specific needs and to help.
How I can know if my page works on your server?
Regardless if you have a computer Windows PC, Mac or any other operating system, you. You can host your site if page:
. It will host a page made in Flash, HTML, PHP, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, MySQL, etc
. It will use the service only for email.
. If you need to use mysql databases.
Can I install some of the most common web applications on your server?
Yes, you can install from the control panel hosting the most popular web applications are:
. Blogs.
. Calendars.
. Content managers.
. Online shopping systems, etc.

We invite you to contact our sales department mail or using our form contact online and so allow us to support you to develop a solution tailored to their needs in information technology and communications.