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ADB Connect


Extract, transform and load (ETL) is a process that involves extracting data from multiple sources in different formats, the execution of the transformation that meets business needs and ultimately, the load on a target system. The target system may generally refer to any type of storage structure in itself is usually a database, but can also be an application, file, web service among others. The purpose of ADBConnect ETL is to move data from multiple sources, reformat, clean and standardize data so that you can analyze or adapt to meet business needs and promote interoperability.

ADB Connect consists of 4 main modules:

. ETL for extraction, transformation and loading of data.
. BI to implement business rules.
. Reporting to generate graphs and reports.
. Georeferencing for geospatial location of records.



In this a case of use it exemplified where:

. The connection to the database is done by the client or access to certain files.
. With the consultations provided the information is extracted.
. The data are processed in the ADBConnect generating output data.
. This output is stored either in tables, flat files, XML or other specified output.



. An ETL tool is able to communicate with different databases and read different file formats used throughout the organization.
. ETL functions are incorporated into integration with enterprise applications.
. During the process of production - transformation is possible to ensure the integrity of the data being processed, regardless of the source.
. Simplifies the process of data migration.
. Standardize the method of data migration.
. Save all the logic of transformation.
. Allows users, administrators and architects understand, review and modify the various processes of transformation.
. It reduces the cost and effort associated with processing the data.


Some of its most common uses are:

. Database synchronization (synchronous and asynchronous).
. Disaster recovery information (DRP schemes).
. Consolidation of information for BI (Reporting).
. Sending information between heterogeneous systems (Messaging).

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